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Clean and Organic!Made from 100% recycled trunks, branches and logs.

Deliveryup to 10 cubic yards of topsoil or compost.

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Clean Wood Recycling is a mulch, compost and top soil producing facility, with three locations throughout the Toledo area. We not only accept wood and tree waste from landscaping companies, city waste departments and residents in the community, we then recycle the excess wood into mulch products, making our mulch and compost process completely sustainable. We are considered a green waste facility, what we recycle is 100% biodegradable, and high in nitrogen, making it perfect for mulching and composting for all types of commercial and residential uses.

Clean Wood Recycling offers a variety of natural and colored mulch products for sale, as well as top soil, playground and animal bed cover. All our natural mulch products are filtered and ground to an even consistency and size, before being dyed and processed. The wood used for our mulch is sourced entirely from Northwest Ohio, creating an eco-friendly product that is safe for any yard and flower bed in the Toledo area.

We use only the highest quality dyes, so the mulch holds its color for longer and stays in place. The dye we use is water based, non-toxic and completely safe for the environment. The stocked colors of decorative mulch we have are red, amber, brown and natural. All our colored mulch is custom ground and dyed at our Toledo facility, to ensure the consistency and color-fastness of the mulch products we produce.

Additionally, our mulch products are allowed to sit and are frequently turned, so that the decomposition process can begin and any harmful microorganisms or weed seeds are removed. This ensures that the finished product is clean, organic and safe for all of your landscaping needs.

All of Clean Wood Recycling's listed products are available to Toledo area contractors, landscapers and residential homeowners alike.

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What Makes Our Mulch Better

  • Clean and Organic! Made from 100% recycled trunks, branches and logs
  • Uses local Northwest Ohio wood and green waste
  • 100% environmentally sustainable product
  • Contains no construction debris, additives, chemicals or fillers
  • Aged and rotated to eliminate tree pathogens and microorganisms
  • Substantial enough to stay put, will not blow away
  • Consistent in size and color for top dressing from year to year

For questions about any of our mulch products, or how you can get a load of our premium Ohio made mulch and top soil products, please contact one of our Clean Wood mulch experts today at (419) 843-9663.