Though Clean Wood Recycling does our best to use recycled and reprocessed green waste as much as possible, we have very specific requirements for the kinds of waste we can take and the methods for how it is processed. We are required by Ohio EPA regulations to keep yard waste separate from other recyclable waste materials, which is why we have two separate piles for their disposal at all of our Toledo recycling facilities. We ask that you please do not mix yard waste when loading it at your home, it will make it easier to place it in the proper piles.

It is your responsibility to empty all bags, cans and or boxes and put the yard waste in the correct piles, and also to take your bags, cans or boxes back with you. If you are unsure what constitutes acceptable green waste and yard waste, or are not clear about which waste types can be mixed, please keep them separate until you arrive for disposal, and one of Clean Wood Recycling's expert recycling and disposal team members will assist you.

A couple of quick notes to help you with disposal:

  • Clean Wood Recycling asks that you make sure all loads coming to the facility are secure. Unsecured loads could be ticketed by law enforcement, and can cause damage to your car or others. Always be safe transporting waste to our Toledo area recycling facilities.
  • Please make sure to bring something to cut any twine you may have used to bundle your brush or yard waste. We will not be responsible for providing tools to help you unload at our sites.
  • All brush, tree trimming, and woody material must go into the pile marked BRUSH.
  • All grass clippings, leaves, and garden waste must go into the pile that is marked GRASS.
  • Please do not mix brush and grass trimming and waste into the same containers, or in the same piles at the recycling facility.
  • Please keep all brush and woody materials to less than 6 feet in length and 12 inches in diameter. All woody trimming and brush should be cut down to that length before disposal at a Clean Wood Recycling facility.