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Waste Drop Off & Mulch Pick-up Guidelines

 (Policies and Guidelines Apply to All Toledo Locations)

Clean Wood Recycling is required by Ohio EPA to inspect and record all vehicles and recycled material brought into our facility. There are times when several drop offs pull in at the same time or we have to help with a difficult load, and we ask that you have patience as we try to help everyone as quickly as we can. We have three Toledo area locations for your convenience, each of which is fully equipped to handle all of your recycling drop off needs.

  • NO UNATHORIZED DUMPING: Anyone who dumps anything without being checked in first will face the possibility of being banned from our facility. There are also penalties for dumping and littering without pre approval. Please, DO NOT drive past the check-in center without stopping to speak with the attendant. If there is no one present at the gate, someone will be with you as soon as they can.
  • NO SMOKING: We are required by the Ohio EPA to be a non-smoking facility, for our safety and that of the environment. We ask that all cigarettes or cigars are extinguished prior to entering the facility, and that while you are unloading material you refrain from smoking until you leave the facility. Please dispose of your cigarettes outside of the facility as well, as they present a hazard when dealing with dry wood and recycling materials.
  • NO CELL PHONE USE: We are a no cell phone facility as well, to ensure speed of processing as well as the safety of our employees. Due to the heavy equipment and other processing equipment on site cell phone use could pose a safety issue. We ask that all conversations be ended before entering the facility and that you refrain from making calls while you are unloading material.
  • NO AFTER HOURS DUMPING: We are not permitted to take material beyond our posted hours of operation, per EPA and local Toledo regulations. Failure to follow this rule could result in a citation or a fine. Please don’t ask us to dump after hours, as it could result in fines both both Clean Wood and the person dumping.
  • PULL UP ALL THE WAY: When purchasing any of our mulch or top soil products, we ask that you pull up all the way around the building and then come inside so one of your employees can write you up. We will not load your truck up until you have checked in inside.
  • BACK UP TO PRODUCT: We ask that when you are waiting to be loaded that you BACK-UP into the pile, so our loader can fill your truck easier. Do this while waiting, to help speed up the loading process and get you on your way faster.
  • SEPARATE BRANCHES AND YARD WASTE: When loading material at your house, you need to keep branches separate from yard waste (grass clippings, flowers, weeds, etc.). Also keep in mind when loading that any bags (even paper one) along with any string you might use to tie loads will need to taken back with you.

If you have any questions about Clean Wood Recycling’s policies or guidelines, or would like to schedule a specific drop off or pick up appointment to facilitate your visit, please call Toledo’s green recycling experts at Clean Wood Recycling at (419) 843-9663